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About Jimmy's Poke

We love poke as much as you do. Welcome to JImmy's Poke

The Pokebowl

So Fresh, So Crisp, So Passionate.... With a name like Jimmy's poke and sushi burrito, he knows that poke must be the freshest bowl in town. He is dedicated to creating the mind-blowing assortment of sauces that will complete the balance of your Hawaiian poke bowl. Our ingredients in your poke bowl and sushi burrito is prepared fresh everyday so that we ensure the fundamentals of taste. The bare foundation of fresh, crisp poke. We allow you to build your own bowl and sushi burrito any way you want.

The passion that comes out of Jimmy’s heart when serving customers is whole heartedly felt with each bite of his poke bowl and sushi burrito. His way of showing love is through his food. He believes that food tastes good when it is made from the heart. The thought, intention, labor, and the affection that brings out a unique flavor is what makes the food taste different. Each chef has their own flavor. Each flavor is created with their heart. Each heart is filled with a different soul.
At Jimmy’s Poke, he would like to share his heart and passion to others. His passion brought him to make his dreams come true. His desire to plant his seed and nurture growth with his heart is his dream in progress. It all starts with his first location in Yorbalinda, CA. Welcome and invited to be served at Jimmy’s poke and sushi burrito.

Opening Hours

Call this number (714-693-1100)
Moday to Friday
Saturday to Sunday
We do open everyday


21480 Yorba Linda Blvd. Yorba Linda, CA 92887
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